Rolmaster rollers can be configured to fit almost any new or existing application. From industry standards to one-of-a-kind parts, we can supply you with the most appropriate roller solution.

Rolmaster conveyors provides gravity, sprocketed, grooved, and tapered rollers, available in many sizes with a number of different configurations. Multiple bearing, material, retention and coating options allow us to accommodate almost any application. Rollers can be custom built for extreme temperature ranges, heavy loads, high speeds, as well as dirty, corrosive, and wash-down environments.

The below chart lists “standard” Rollers in which Rolmaster Conveyors manufacture having highly competitive pricing and lead times. Rolmaster Conveyors can accommodate most custom “non-standard” roller requests.

ModelRoller DiameterStandard BFR Available Tube Gauge / WallAxle SizeTypeTube TypeRoller Load Capacity
14181-3/8"4" THRU 27" 185/16" HEXStandardGALV. STEEL80 LBS
1418R1-3/8"4" THRU 27" 181/4" ROUNDStandardGALV. STEEL80 LBS
15161-1/2"4" THRU 24" 165/16" HEXStandardALUMINUM65 LBS
19161.9"6" THRU 48" 167/16" HEXStandardGALV. STEEL260 LBS
1916HS1.9"6" THRU 48" 167/16" HEXStandardGALV. STEEL500 LBS
1916P2-3/8"6" THRU 24" 167/16" HEXStandardPVC COVERED GALV260 LBS
191451.9"6" THRU 54" 0.145"7/16" HEXStandardSTEEL PIPE260 LBS
19145HD1.9"6" THRU 54" 0.145"7/16" HEXStandardSTEEL PIPE700 LBS
20132"6" THRU 48" 137/16" HEXStandardSTEEL270 LBS
20162"6" THRU 27" 167/16" HEXStandardALUMINUM150 LBS
25142-1/2"8" THRU 54" 147/16" HEXStandardGALV. STEEL300 LBS
25112-1/2"8" THRU 72" 1111/16" HEXStandardSTEEL1,000 LBS
2511C2-1/2"8" THRU 72" 1111/16" HEXStandardSTEEL700 LBS
29252-7/8"8" THRU 72" 3/16"11/16" HEXStandardSTEEL PIPE800 LBS
35253-1/2"4" THRU 72" 0.250"1-1/16" HEXStandardSTEEL PIPE1,000 LBS
TAPERED1.69"-2-1/2"15", 18",21",24",27",33"167/16" HEXStandardSTEEL260 LBS

If you have a question or custom inquiry, please contact one of our Account Executives directly by phone at 519-740-3201, Email, or complete our Quote Request Form for to receive a no obligation custom quote.