Rolmaster Conveyors fully understand the importance of defining and living up to the promises made to all company stakeholders. It is for this reason that they annually review and update their corporate statements. Below is a copy of Rolmaster Conveyors’ 2013 revised business statements.



To ensure highly skilled, well trained and passionate staff consistently assist all users and resellers of conveyors and related equipment & service select the most appropriate and cost effective material handling solutions in a timely manner; without compromising quality or functionality.


To be the most recognized and utilized conveyor, related equipment and service supplier in Canada. Rolmaster will set service and operational standards by maintaining the largest and strongest mutually beneficial supply chain network within the material handing industry.

Brand Proposition

For over 67 years, Rolmaster partners have always received the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to solve both standard and unique material handling needs, in a timely, professional and friendly manner.

This is accomplished by developing and maintaining a strong corporate culture focused on creating efficiencies and sustainable competitive advantages in four key areas of operations:

1. Service

70% of Rolmaster sales and support staff maintain 15 to 27 years of industry experience; this relates to combined experience of 144 years.

Rolmaster Conveyors have maintained mutually-beneficial working relationships with 43% of their supply chain partners for 10 or more years”.

Rolmaster offers maintenance and service packages for most types and brands of conveyors, regardless of where it was purchased.

Rolmaster Sustainable Competitive Advantage is its ability to offer the best service and most appropriate solutions at the best Canadian prices.

2. Supply Chain Networks

Rolmasters sales philosophy is not bottom-line focused. Rolmaster nurtures long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with an extensive network of supply chain partners. No top level or operational modifications are implemented without consideration as to how it will impact all Rolmaster Stakeholders.

3. Internal Production and Engineering Efficiencies

Rolmaster has been designing and manufacturing standard and highly customized systems for over 67 years. Rolmaster’s goal is to continually evaluate and diversify production and distribution options, enabling them to offer the most appropriate solutions at the best Canadian prices.

4. Consistent Evaluation of Internal and External Operating Environments

Rolmaster continuously evaluates and modifies all internal and external processes and procedures to ensure effective communications and ensure that we are able to meet all needs, of all Stakeholders in the most appropriate and cost effective manner.


Corporate Culture

Rolmaster Conveyors values and nurtures all relationships with all stakeholders, fully understanding that our success is dependent upon the success of our employees and supply chain partners.

Dedicated, knowledgeable and happy staff consistently offering the most appropriate solutions results in satisfied long-term customers, period!

The Rolmaster brand is built on a corporate culture that values the following behaviors and beliefs:

• Honesty and Integrity

• Consistency in quality and service

• Continuous assessment of the needs of all stakeholders

• Respect for each other, our community, partners and our environment

• Continuous improvement

• Reliability

• Open and effective communications

• Relationship focused

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