Adrian was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario.

Adrian first invested in Rolmaster 20 years ago. Today he and fellow investor George Figueiredo jointly maintain full company ownership with Adrian holding the position of President and managing daily operations.

Adrian is a charismatic leader of a dedicated team of long-term employees. Adrian maintains a hands-on management style, being involved in all aspects of our operations while still giving his employees the autonomy they require to best serve customers.

When asked what they like most about working for Rolmaster, all employees give very similar responses. Andy Kelly who has worked for Rolmaster for 20 years states: “Working for Rolmaster is like working with extended family, the atmosphere is not stuffy and we are given lots of freedom. It is nice to know that your boss has enough confidence in your abilities to allow you to do your job the way you feel will best benefit the company and the customer, without being micromanaged and bogged down with red tape.”

Adrian has an adventurous spirit and when he is not leading our Rolmaster family, he can be found travelling, riding motorcycles or playing his guitar.


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