Rolmaster Conveyors was established over 75 years ago in 1946 as a division of Belgium Standard, a Stratford Machine Shop. Since then, it has had several iterations and in 1993 a group of entrepreneurs invested in what is today Rolmaster Conveyors. The ownership structure has changed over the past 30 years, however, it has always remained a family-owned, leading-edge supplier of conveying equipment to the Canadian and North American marketplace.

Over the years, the management team has implemented many initiatives to grow the company and take a leadership role in the Material Handling and Automation Industries. Some of these initiatives include; capital equipment investment, implementation of new products, product line diversification, corporate acquisition, engineering, and ERP/MRP upgrades. All while supporting and growing our customer base, and improving the quality our customers depend on.

In 2010 Rolmaster acquired Isseco, a 45- year-old Brampton-based conveyor manufacturer. The acquisition allowed Rolmaster to increase its economies of scale and expand its customer base.

Today the company maintains mutually beneficial relationships with more than 200 supply chain partners and over 80% of its current sales are with repeat customers.

Rolmaster Conveyors is committed to providing our customers with professionally designed and manufactured conveying products and systems.