Turntables are extremely useful for providing a directional change in your conveying line or maintaining product orientation. A section of the conveyor can be attached to the table and is then rotated to the desired position. Turntables are valuable accessories for ergonomic workstations or for confined working areas. Turntables are used for palletizing, depalletizing, assembly, and painting… the possibilities are endless!


  • Turntables can be powered or manually operated and have standard swing diameters of up to 120 inches.
  • Rolmaster turntables are available in Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty models
  • Provide directional and product orientation change in your conveyor line
  • Manual or Powered Turntables rotate to the desired angle required for your application
  • Detent positioning stops
  • Manual positioning stops unloading pallets and containers, as well as, improving the ergonomics of workstations.

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