Ed Andrade

  Production and Service Manager       Staff Profiles

Ed is an extremely dedicated manager, going above and beyond to be available to Rolmaster and their customers.

Tony Panacci

  Account Executive       Staff Profiles

In 1986 Tony accepted an Inside Sales role with Brampton based conveyor company Isseco. Rolmaster acquired Isseco in 2010, inheriting Tony, to date, one of their most valuable resources.

Tracy Seebach

  Office Administrator       Staff Profiles

In 1998, Tracy moved to Cambridge, Ontario to find work, and within 2 months was hired by Rolmaster as their new Office Administrator. During her 16 years of employment with Rolmaster she has gained valuable experience assisting with almost every position imaginable within the organization, including: Purchasing, Customer Service, Sales, Accounting, Logistics, Marketing and Health and Safety.

Paul Del Net

  Senior Engineer       Staff Profiles

After graduating in 1996 with Honors in the Mechanical Engineering Program, Paul was hired by Rolmaster Conveys as a design engineer. Today, Paul manages the engineering department and ensures that all of our products are produced in accordance with Rolmaster and industry standards.

Glen Goguen

  Account Executive       Staff Profiles

Glen’s experience in project management combined with his existing conveyor knowledge, engineering expertise and proficiency in product design and development has allowed him to assume and maintain the role of Rolmaster’s top selling Technical Sales Associate.

Andy Kelly

  Account Executive       Staff Profiles

In 1994 Andy was hired by Rolmaster to work in their production department. Over the years Andy has worn many hats within the organization including: lead hand, supervisor and project coordinator.

Adrian Ferreira

  President/Co-Owner       Staff Profiles

Adrian first invested in Rolmaster 20 years ago. Today he and fellow investor George Figueiredo jointly maintain full company ownership with Adrian holding the position of President and managing daily operations.