Chain Conveyors are an economical solution for transferring heavy products with sturdy conveying surfaces. They are effective as side transfers and provide accurate indexing solutions. Multistrand units can be utilized for wider loads.

Chain Conveyors are suitable for extreme environments because of the low number of moving component parts and limited amount of required maintenance.

Fixture assemblies nest parts accurately and are effective in supporting robotic pick & place systems.

Chain conveyors are primarily used to transport heavy unit loads, e.g. pallets, grid boxes, and industrial containers, but may suit various products and can be configured accordingly. Chain Conveyors are frequently utilized in the auto manufacturing, parts manufacturing, warehousing, foundries and logistics industries.

Available Accessories:

  • Electrical Controls: magnetic starter, combination starter, DC variable speed drives. Lanyard emergency switch, photo-eye and various part sensors.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Walkover plates

Rolmaster can accommodate most standard and non-standard Chain Conveyor requests.

ModelNameDescriptionBearingsRoller ChainFrames (FRAME)Drive SprocketTake-Up SprocketSupportsAvailable Strands, Number (NS)Minimum Chain Center (CC)Available Length (LG)Available Speed (SP)Available Beginning Elevation (BE)Available Ending Elevation (EE)Drive (DRIVE)Motor (MOTOR)Support Centers (SUPCC)
MSCCMulti-Strand Chain ConveyorModel MSCC, multi-strand chain conveyor, is a drag chain conveyor typically used for pallets with bottom configurations not conveyable on roller conveyors. Its design is suitable for extreme environments because of the low number of moving component parts and limited amount of required maintenance.Sealed pre-lubricated, cast iron flange ball bearings.Standard C-2060H chain guided by UHMW track.12 ga. formed steel with bolted 6" x 1-1/2" x 8 ga. crossties.3.228" pitch dia., steel on a 1-7/16" shaft mounted in 2 bolt flange bearing.3.228" pitch dia., steel with internal ball bearing mounted on a .667" diameter shaft.SPH adjustable supports.2, 3, 415-6048-600 in10-60 ft/min12-60 in12-60 in(D31) End Drive, Between strandsStandard (M03) 3/4 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M01) 1/2 HP, 115/230V,1Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M04) 3/4 HP, 115/230V, 1Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M07) 1 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M09) 1-1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,145TC,TEFC (M10) 1-1/2 HP, 180VDC,145TC,TEFC (M11) 2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,145TC,TEFC (M13) 3/4 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TENV,Brake (M14) 1 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC,Brake (M15) 1-1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC,Brake (M16) 2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,145TC,TEFC,Brake (M25) 1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,TENV,Brake (M26) 1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TENV,Inverter (M27) 1 HP, 90VDC,56C,TEFC (M31) 3/4 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TENV,Inverter (M32) 1 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,143TC,TENV,Inverter (M33) 1-1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,145TC,TENV,Inverter (M34) 2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,182TC,TENV,Inverter (M60) 1/2 HP, 575V,3Ph,60Hz,56C, TEFC (M61) 3/4 HP, 575V,3Ph,60Hz,56C, TEFC (M62) 1 HP,575V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M98) Not Included (M99) 1/2 HP, 230/460V,3Ph,60Hz,56C,TEFC (M102) Not included, Drive sized for 1/2 HP,56C (M103) Not included, Drive sized for 3/4 HP,56C (M104) Not included, Drive sized for 1 HP,56C (M105) Not included, Drive sized for 1 HP,143TC (M106) Not included, Drive sized for 1-1/2 HP,143TC (M107) Not included, Drive sized for 2 HP,145TC (SCC5) Supports On 5' Center To Center

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