MDSB – Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor


A medium duty belt conveyor ideal for applications that require a powered means for conveying products. Typically used in box handling applications. Because of the simplicity of the flat, moving belt, they can be used to move a variety of product sizes, shapes and weights effectively for long lengths with a single drive.


OVERALL LENGTH: 48” to 600” (over 420” may require belt to be re-spliced at a later date depending on belt load/stretch)

OVERALL WIDTH: 11-9/16” to 41-9/16”

OVERALL HEIGHT: 14-5/16” from bottom of Motor to top of Belt

BELT WIDTH: 6” to 36”

PAN WIDTH: Belt Width + 4-1/2”

DRIVE PULLEY: 4” OD with ¼” thick SBR lagging with 1” Dia. Carbon Steel shaft – standard Trapezoidal crown

TAIL PULLEY: 4” OD 11 Ga ERW pipe with 1” Dia. Carbon Steel shaft – standard Trapezoidal crown



  • 575V / 3 Phases / 60HZ
  • 230 to 460 V / 3 Phases / 60HZ
  • 110 V / 1 Phase / 60HZ

HP: ½, ¾, 1 or 1-½”

DRIVE OPTIONS: Left or Right


PVC 120 Black COS x Brushed

PVC 120 Black Rough top x Brushed

PVC 120 Black FS x Brushed FR

PVC 150 Black COS x Brushed

PVC 150 Black FS x Brushed FR

3 Ply 135 Brown Nitrile Rough top x FS

PVC 120 White C x FS

SNUB ROLLER: 1.9” Dia. X 16 GA Galvanized Steel

ROLLER AXLE: 7/16” Hex Axle

SLIDER BED PAN: 5” Deep x 12 GA

PAN STIFFENERS: Required when belt width over 21”. Up to 4 stiffeners per 10ft pan.


FRAME FINISH: 5017 Traffic Blue

OPTIONAL FINISH: 1021 Safety Yellow – 3001 Signal Red – 7015 Slate Grey – 9005 Jet Black – 9006 Aluminum White

CAPACITY: Up to 620lbs, varies with HP, Speed, and Belt Width. Contact us to review your application to confirm capacity.

MODEL STRING: Medium Duty Belt Conveyor – Belt Width – OAL (outside of end plates) – Drive Configuration – Drive Code & Speed – Belt Style – Finish – Side Rail Type – Accessories

Example: MDSB-18-120-BL-60M24-FB5-5017-S1 (Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor, 18” Belt Width, 120” Length, Bottom Left Drive Location, 60 FPM/Motor 24, PVC 120 Blk C x Brushed Belt, 5017 Traffic Blue, Side Rail – 1.5” Galvanized)

Optional Features:

  • Side Rails (Toe Out Left, Right or Both)

MDSB Drawing Download

MDSB – Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor


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