GR – 19145HD Gravity Roller Conveyor


A medium duty conveyor ideal for applications that require an economical, non-powered means for conveying products. The 19145HD roller has a heavier wall tubing which helps prevent denting from product being dropped on the conveyor and higher capacity bearings.

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OVERALL LENGTH: 12” to 120”

OVERALL WIDTH: 9” to 57”


ROLLER CENTERS: 2”, 3”, 4”, 4-½”, 6”, 9”, 12”

ROLLER: 1.9” Dia. X 0.145” Wall Steel

AXLE DETAIL: 7/16” Hex Axle

SIDE CHANNELS: 3-½” X 1-½” X 10 GA

CROSS MEMBERS: 1-½” X 1-½” X 3/16”


FRAME COUPLING: Butt Couplings

FRAME FINISH: 5017 Traffic Blue

OPTIONAL FINISH: 1021 Safety Yellow – 3001 Signal Red – 7015 Slate Grey – 9005 Jet Black – 9006 Aluminum White

CAPACITY: Varies pending roller centers and BFR. Contact us to review your application.

MODEL STRING: Conveyor Type – Roller Model – BFR – Rollers Centers Distance – Overall Length – Frame Type – Finish

Example: GR-19145HD-24-3-60-F7-5017 (Gravity Rollers Conveyor, 19145 Heavy Duty Roller, 24” Between Frame Rails Length, 3” Center to Center, 60” Overall Length, Frame7, 5017 Traffic Blue)

Optional Features:

  • Knee Braces or Mid Support Holes
  • Side Rails (Toe Out Left, Right or Both)
  • End Stop (Front, Rear or Both)

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