MDSB – Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor


Rolmaster Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyors (MDSB) are constructed with a laser cut and formed steel slider bed. This bed provides a rigid and economical design suitable for most light and medium-duty applications. The design provides a reliable way of transporting products primarily in assembly, sorting, testing, and packaging applications. Slider bed belt conveyors are the most popular of all powered conveyors due to their economical design and the wide range of belting options available.

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OVERALL LENGTH: 48” to 600” (over 420” may require belt to be re-spliced at a later date depending on belt load/stretch)

OVERALL WIDTH: 11-9/16” to 41-9/16”

OVERALL HEIGHT: 14-5/16” from bottom of Motor to top of Belt

BELT WIDTH: 6” to 36”

PAN WIDTH: Belt Width + 4-1/2”

DRIVE PULLEY: 4” OD with ¼” thick SBR lagging with 1” Dia. Carbon Steel shaft – standard Trapezoidal crown

TAIL PULLEY: 4” OD 11 Ga ERW pipe with 1” Dia. Carbon Steel shaft – standard Trapezoidal crown



  • 575V / 3 Phases / 60HZ
  • 230 to 460 V / 3 Phases / 60HZ
  • 110 V / 1 Phase / 60HZ

HP: ½, ¾, 1 or 1-½”

DRIVE OPTIONS: Left or Right


PVC 120 Black COS x Brushed
PVC 120 Black Rough top x Brushed PVC 120 Black FS x Brushed FR
PVC 150 Black COS x Brushed PVC 150 Black FS x Brushed FR
3 Ply 135 Brown Nitrile Rough top x FS PVC 120 White C x FS

SNUB ROLLER: 1.9” Dia. X 16 GA Galvanized Steel

ROLLER AXLE: 7/16” Hex Axle

SLIDER BED PAN: 5” Deep x 12 GA

PAN STIFFENERS: Required when belt width over 21”. Up to 4 stiffeners per 10ft pan.


FRAME FINISH: 5017 Traffic Blue

OPTIONAL FINISH: 1021 Safety Yellow – 3001 Signal Red – 7015 Slate Grey – 9005 Jet Black – 9006 Aluminum White

CAPACITY: Up to 620lbs, varies with HP, Speed, and Belt Width. Contact us to review your application to confirm capacity.

MODEL STRING: Medium Duty Belt Conveyor – Belt Width – OAL (outside of end plates) – Drive Configuration – Drive Code & Speed – Belt Style – Finish – Side Rail Type – Accessories

Example: MDSB-18-120-BL-60M24-FB5-5017-S1 (Medium Duty Slider Bed Belt Conveyor, 18” Belt Width, 120” Length, Bottom Left Drive Location, 60 FPM/Motor 24, PVC 120 Blk C x Brushed Belt, 5017 Traffic Blue, Side Rail – 1.5” Galvanized)

Optional Features:

  • Side Rails (Toe Out Left, Right or Both)

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