Roller Description:

T16925P   1.69” to 2-1/2” Dia. – 16 Ga. Tapered Roller

Roller Usage Summary:

A medium duty roller with precision bearings utilized in gravity and line shaft conveyors. Taper allows product to maintain orientation around curves. Suitable for roller centers from 2.0” c/c.


BETWEEN FRAME RAILS: 15”,18″, 21″, 24″, 27″,36”

ROLL CONSTRUCTION: Round Tube, 1.69″ to 2-1/2” Diameter, 16 Gauge

BEARINGS: Precision, Plain Steel Housing with Polymer Shield Front Protection, Greased, 7/16″ Hex

LOAD CAPACITY: 156 to 62 lbs.*



  • Standard – spring loaded one side.
  • Optional – cotter pin, fixed bolt, loose bolt or fixed axle.

TUBE TYPE: Standard Galvanized Steel.

MODEL STRING: Roller Model-BFR-Axle Retention

Example: T16925P-24-SL (Tapered 16925 Precision roller, 24” between frame rails length, spring loaded axle retention)

Optional Features:

  • Single, double Grooves are available upon request.
  • Groove diameter & depth = 3/16”
  • For grooves location, please refer to Retention Axle & Groove Types
  • Various standard and custom spacing available.

*Capacity decreases as BFR increases. See Roller Capacity Chart for reference.

T16925P Drawing Download

T16925P, 1.69 to 2.5 Dia. - 16 Ga. Tapered Roller


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